Gluten-Free Cranberry Scones

My mom makes the best scones ever. No kidding. Every time she makes them people always ask for the recipe. Recently, we’ve had some gluten-free people ask for a modified scone, so she provided! And it tastes (well to my opinion) even better than her original scones.
Mom's Gluten-Free Scones

There is still butter in it, but sometimes you have to embrace it. I love how these scones melt in my mouth and the cranberries give it some extra sweetness.Read More »

Healthier Pecan Pie with Almond Crust

Healthier Pecan Pie with Almond Crust

On Saturday, I was sitting down, scrolling through my Pinterest, when I found a gorgeous photo of pecan pie. My mom adores this dessert, so I decided to make it. It was much quicker than I thought it would be to make a pie, plus I managed to make it gluten-free and healthier (no butter or sugar).
Healthier Pecan Pie with Almond Crust

We ate the dessert after going out to a restaurant, so I was already dreading taking pictures in the dark and under my yellow kitchen lights. But then I found a perfect — and most unusual — place in the house with white lights: my brother’s room.Read More »

Healthier Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes

Healthier Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes

This is one of the richest desserts I’ve indulged in and it is totally worth the 30 minute hassle it takes to make them. Thick, dark chocolate oozing out of a soft chocolate cake is just eye candy!
Healthier Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

I remember, a few years back, we would have so much trouble making this cake. It literally took us seven to eight tries during the summer to get the center perfect. Now when I make this cake, I usually try to follow the recipe as close as possible because even the minutes you leave it to cool down are important. It’s super good but I have to admit, it’s not that healthy… So I made a healthier version, using Texanerin’s recipe as base, and it turned out, wait for it, even better than the unhealthier version! Read More »

Raspberry, Lemon, and Almond Milk Creams

Raspberry, Lemon and Almond Milk Creams

I was flipping through a cookbook, La Tartine Gourmande by Béatrice Peltre, that I had lying around in my house, mainly out of guilt that I had never actually made anything in it yet. All the recipes looked so good but I was feeling lazy. And then I reached the dessert section.
Raspberry, Lemon and Almond Milk Creams

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you might know that I have a thing for desserts. So naturally, my interest in the cookbook spiked up to like 200% and I wanted to make everything. Lemongrass and blackberry teacakes, dark and white chocolate mousse cake, rhubarb mousse fraisier, apple and pear verrines, spiced panna cotta… There were just so many yummy-looking recipes!Read More »

Healthier Cranberry Scones

Healthier Cranberry Scones

On Saturday, I was at the Cranberry fest for volunteering and it was pouring rain! It also didn’t help that my station was right next to the performances and one of them was crazy high-pitched bagpipes. For that performance, I was crouching behind my recycling bins, trying to put a barrier in between me and that noise. Yes, I did look a little crazy but the music was loud!

Healthier Cranberry Scones

Thinking back, I probably looked like a madwoman who hovered around the recycling bins for the entire day and I’m pretty sure I inadvertently photobombed most of the performers’ pictures. Hey, it’s not my fault my station was placed right beside the stage!

But wait! There is a good ending to this story.

Read More »

Wild Blackberry Pie

Wild Blackberry Pie

These summer days have felt so long with my Spanish class. But now I can say I’m officially done as I went to pick up my report card today. This leaves me with only three more weeks to enjoy the break and sunshine before going back to school again.
Wild Blackberry Pie

The previous summers, my brother and I were always enticed by the free juicy blackberries hanging in the prickly bushes alongside a sparsely used road next to our house. We would always go with a large container in each hand and pick blackberries until the containers were overloading and our fingers stained purple. There were times where we would turn the blackberry-picking into a mission, seeing who could get past the thorns and reach into the deepest places and pick the most blackberries. I usually won :). We were always disappointed though, because the biggest and shiniest blackberries would be just out of our reach, no matter how much effort we put into our jumping and stretching.Read More »

Slow Cooker Turkey and Beans Chili

Slow Cooker Coconut Shrimp Curry


This curry will make your taste buds shake in excitement! It has shrimp, spices, and the most important ingredient for thick, creamy consistency: Coconut milk.

Healthier than most of its fellow curries, this coconut shrimp curry simply tastes awesome! It tastes like butter chicken, but without the butter or the chicken. My brother, who is very picky about curry, loved this one (and he would usually pick chicken over shrimp!).Read More »