Gluten-Free Cranberry Scones

My mom makes the best scones ever. No kidding. Every time she makes them people always ask for the recipe. Recently, we’ve had some gluten-free people ask for a modified scone, so she provided! And it tastes (well to my opinion) even better than her original scones.
Mom's Gluten-Free Scones

There is still butter in it, but sometimes you have to embrace it. I love how these scones melt in my mouth and the cranberries give it some extra sweetness.Read More »

Blueberry Cranberry Almond Cake

Blueberry Cranberry Almond Cake

First of all, let me try to convince you why this is the best healthy dessert as of right now.

Number 1: My brother, a very skeptic eater of healthy food, had not one, not two, but three slices of this cake last night!

Number 2: Coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, berries and almond flour all play key roles in making this cake soft and delicious.

Number 3: It’s cake!!! (okay, that was kind of obvious, but I consider it very important)
Blueberry Cranberry Almond Cake

This dessert is a very rich cake, partly because of the eggs and the almond flour, and that’s what makes it so good.Read More »

Strawberry and Cranberry Galette

Strawberry and Cranberry Galette

Okay, I finally did it. A healthier crust which still has the taste (and easy prep) of an all-butter crust just became a reality! Plus all that fruit can’t hurt, right?
Strawberry and Cranberry Galette

I was originally trying to decide between making almond pancakes or almond cranberry cake, but then while watching my brother’s soccer game, I started thinking about a galette with berries. I literally visualized the entire recipe and result as I watched a soccer ball being bounced back and forth between the two teams. (Okay, the crust was adapted from Joy of Baking’s Cranberry Galette recipe because I had no idea about proportions.)  I was going to use almond flour for the crust, but I forgot to, so next time I’ll try that and see how it goes.
Strawberry and Cranberry Galette

In love right now. In love.Read More »

Healthier Cranberry Scones

Healthier Cranberry Scones

On Saturday, I was at the Cranberry fest for volunteering and it was pouring rain! It also didn’t help that my station was right next to the performances and one of them was crazy high-pitched bagpipes. For that performance, I was crouching behind my recycling bins, trying to put a barrier in between me and that noise. Yes, I did look a little crazy but the music was loud!

Healthier Cranberry Scones

Thinking back, I probably looked like a madwoman who hovered around the recycling bins for the entire day and I’m pretty sure I inadvertently photobombed most of the performers’ pictures. Hey, it’s not my fault my station was placed right beside the stage!

But wait! There is a good ending to this story.

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