Crispy Sweet Apple Chips

You know those apple chips that you can buy at the store? The bag you buy when you feel really guilty looking at all those delicious salty chips in all different sizes and flavours? Well you can make it way cheaper at home by just using apples and a slicer/really good knife skills! We first made these a few years ago but it took so much time and sweat using a vintage mandolin slicer, as we had to move the apple back and forth across the blade to create thin slices of apples. Which was even harder to do in the summer heat. And the end result was tiny shriveled apple chips, that although tasted really good, disappeared too quickly for all that effort.
Crispy Sweet Apple Chips

So we didn’t make them again until now. My mom decided, after buying a few expensive bags of apple chips, that it was time to attempt making apple chips again, but this time not with the vintage mandolin slicer. Read More »

Easy Homemade Tahini

Easy Homemade Tahini

2 ingredients. That’s all you need. Estoy en amor con esta receta! (I’m taking Spanish in summer school so I couldn’t resist adding that tidbit.) This is really great to use for hummus or as a dip. And it’s super duper smooth and lip smacking delicious.
Easy Homemade Tahini

So I didn’t get the chance to post this during the weekend because I went to a friend’s Quinceanera. A Quinceanera is a celebration marking a girl’s fifteen birthday in Hispanic tradition. It was awesome. There were pink and white decorations everywhere and even metallic gold balloons with the numbers 1 and 5! We ate a lot of good food and danced until the stars came out. It was a pretty cool experience.

Okay, so for the tahini, I started browning the white sesame seeds and it wasn’t long before the sesame aroma wafted throughout the house, which meant that everyone came of course, in the kitchen and asked me what I was making.
Easy Homemade Tahini

Did you know that sesame seeds are proven to reduce blood pressure? And its various minerals and vitamins are linked to a reduction of risk of cancer. Read More »

Lemon Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Lemon Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Bright flavours, bright colours, and a bright change to any breakfast, who wouldn’t want it? The blueberry and the tangy lemon taste really explodes in your mouth. So delicious. I’m not even kidding.
Lemon Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Although school is ending in just more than a month (which I’m very excited for!), I need to stay focused to keep my grade up and prepare for final exams. And this chia seed pudding, with lemon juice and blueberries, sure helps me wake up in the morning!Read More »

No Knead Crusty Bread

This is the easiest bread recipe you’ll ever come across.No Knead Crusty Bread

Takes about 2 to 3 hours in total, but hands-on time? Just 15 minutes. SO simple, and I love to add nuts and raisins in it to change the flavor a bit, but you could add so many other things too!

Been working on the school yearbook and it is such a long process, uploading the photos, then designing the pages, taking the photos (of people who would love to run somewhere else so they don’t get their photo taken!), and so much more things I still haven’t done.

Fun thing is, I’m going on vacation soon! Can’t wait, although I have to take one week off of school so I have to do a lot more work to make up for that. But it’s all for vacation. I love eating different food from different cultures! And I’ll be able to relax there. Hopefully.Read More »

Spicy Stuffed Zucchini

Spicy Stuffed Zucchini

Coming back from a beautiful holiday in Europe, I was a bit excited to see if anything had changed at our house. We always leave during the start of summer and the garden is, as always, left untended.

So when the taxi dropped us off, the first thing I did was go the the garden. It was pretty amazing. There were overgrown green leaves everywhere, the strawberries were a bright shade of red, and most of all, the zucchini (10 of them!) had grown to an incredible size.

Since no one wants food going to waste, I scrambled up ideas in my head to use the zucchini.

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