Cranberry Harvest Granola Bars


These are so delicious and chewy! I saw some granola bars which are non-baked, but the nuts and oats are toasted separately. I don’t like doing all those steps, so I just baked the granola bars after mixing all the raw ingredients. Way easier.

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Pumpkin Seed Tahini Banana Cookies Dipped in Chocolate


On Saturday, I was looking in the pantry and I saw this jar of tahini. Then I noticed a leftover jar of pumpkin seeds. And suddenly I had this craving for cookies. You can guess what happened next.
No more classic chocolate chip cookies for me! These chewy, thick, almost cake-like cookies are my new fave. These were so delicious, I ate about five of them straight out of the oven. But I felt like something was missing.Read More »