Healthy Winter Buddha Bowl

I finally made something other than desserts and baked goods! Since my mom usually makes dinner every night, I never make dinner, but this time, my parents were out and I had to prepare dinner myself. I have been longing to make a Buddha bowl in, like, forever, so that’s exactly what I did.

It might not look like the best dinner ever, but it certainly tasted like it. And it took me under 30 minutes to make, so I call this a successful meal.
Healthy Winter Buddha Bowl

Who knew Buddha bowls could bring so much joy to the eater? And I think the cold winter weather (it was snowing here!) might have made me appreciate a warm bowl of yummy veggies even more.Read More »

Slow Cooker Turkey and Beans Chili

Slow Cooker Turkey and Beans Chili

Slow Cooker Turkey and Beans Chili

Comfort food for these cold days. But still healthier than normal, with turkey instead of beef, and kidney beans for antioxidants and protein. And it’s super good! The chili peppers give it a bit of a kick, and with the beans, it tastes wonderful.
Slow Cooker Turkey and Beans Chili

With a slow cooker, this is so easy to make. Just dump everything in the pot and continue on with your day! And if your vegetarian, you can always replace the turkey with sweet potatoes, more beans, etc.Read More »