Easy Vegan Apple Crumble

Easy Vegan Apple Crumble

The simplest crumble recipe ever! I used Gordon Ramsay’s method I picked up somewhere on the internet where he slightly cooks the apples before baking it in the oven and this technique adds much more flavour. But aside from all that technique mumbo jumbo, it’s finally summer! I finished school a few days ago and I feel so relaxed. The only thing I did was read Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (it’s a really good book but read The Mortal Instruments first!) in one sitting for the entire day. Then I had some ideas brewing so I randomly wrote a short story.
Easy Vegan Apple Crumble

And then I saw that my library had a comic contest, so naturally, I started drawing a comic (for the first time ever which is super hard, you have no idea). Read More »


Peach and Plum Crisp

I had so many plums that were picked from our plum tree that I just had to use them somehow! And with lovely peaches sitting on the counter, I knew what I would make.

Doesn’t it want to make you lick the screen right now?

Sweet, mouthwatering peach and plum crisp. Read More »