My First Post!

Yay! Since this is my first entry, I guess I should write about what this blog is going to be about.
Food. Simple as that. (Especially chocolate cake and other desserts!)

Okay, maybe I should explain why. I love being in the kitchen, but not just for the love of cooking and baking. What really made me interested in food was the feeling of accomplishment of finishing a dish and being able to eat my creation. Food is my passion, and sometimes I even try to make it healthier so I can indulge it without feeling too guilty.

I also love travelling to different places in the world to taste “exotic dishes” and immerse myself into their culture. And when I come back home, I usually cook up a storm trying to recreate what I ate on that trip!
This is a picture from our recent trip to Cappadocia. I have to say, Turkey has wonderful food, like kebaps and also this strange drink called Ayran, which is a mixture of water and yogurt.

Anyways, to end my post, if you want to share your opinion about my posts, do it in the comments section by clicking on the link right under the title of the post or on the bottom of the page! (But nothing harsh please.)

(P.S. Did anyone find that when starting a blog it’s really hard to find a title that hasn’t been used? I tried tons of name combinations before I arrived to A Kitchen Fable.)


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